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  How I choose the games for this feature ... 

Used to be, I got 5-10 e.mails every month, and they all asked basically the same question. ("How do you choose the games for this feature?") This past week, I got asked this question - again - so I thought I would answer it. (Permanently.) 

Often, I will make an exception to the above policy. And its usually a mistake.

I will share a few examples with you.

  1. A few months back, (Spring - 2005); the editor of a large state chess publication sent me a few games - from a scholastic event - and then demanded that I consider them. I entered a few into the computer, I even lightly annotated two. In the end, the games simply did not make the cut. Then I received an e-mail from the same editor, who blessed me out good, although he never used bad words. I simply reminded him that all I promised to do was to CONSIDER the games ... NOT feature them.

  2. A GM - or more likely, a student or friend of said GM - once sent me games from a weekend Swiss. He DEMANDED - in the strongest possible terms - that I use one of the games for my column. He even threatened me. ("I have never given to your websites, but I am considering a large gift. But this is conditional on your including 'Player X's' games ... on a regular basis.") Needless to say, he was brushed off, and not without a small measure of both irritation and contempt.

  3. Other people have sent gifts. One man was kind enough to send a check for $100.00, and he also had already picked out his favorite game {from TWIC} for that month. (It wasn't a bad game, but it also was not a GM-versus-GM contest.)  I tried to patiently explain to him that his gift was greatly appreciated, but this is my website, and ... ultimately I am the one who will choose the games!  

  4. Almost every month, a parent will send me a game that their child played in a weekend Swiss. A few times, a very low-rated player had upset a MUCH higher-rated player. However, I have been "spoofed" so many times, <people sending in fake games>  ...  the ONLY way I would consider such a game is for it to appear in TWIC ... or some other publication.  I demand public verification!!!  

  5. Occasionally a well-known author will send me a game. Or some other FM/IM/GM will send a game that they saw in a tournament. They will request that I look at such a game, and I usually do. (When it appears in TWIC.)  If it is a good game, I will automatically add it to my "games-considered file." However, most of the time, these games do not pan out. A simple mistake decided everything. Or ... in one case, a very brilliant middle-game, was followed by an (uneven?) ending that was over eighty moves long! Like the old commercial used to say to the tuna, "Sorry, Charley!"  


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