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  Supplemental Games  


This is a page where I will list supplemental games. (I also have called them "BONUS GAMES" as well.)  

A few of you have written that you knew there were supplemental games scattered throughout this website ... but there was no way of easily and quickly locating them. (Obviously, this was a problem that eventually had to be addressed.)  

These are games that I reviewed - from nearly any possible source - that I thought belonged here on these pages. Many of these games are not easily discovered or found by other means, often they were placed here because they complimented (and made a good study partner for) a game that was already existed on these web pages. It seemed that logic dictated that there be one list ... for all of the games in this category. 

Additionally, I began making annotated games available in 2004, and occasionally I would want to see one of those games here. (On this website.) This page is a natural extension of those efforts. (Enjoy - and please respect my copyright.) 
 {This page first posted:  Wednesday; September 14th, 2005.}  This page was last edited or updated on:  Wednesday, March 18, 2015 .  

----->  NOTE:  All the counters - of ALL the supplemental games - were reset to zero, in order to facilitate an accurate count.  

 The list of supplemental games:  

  1. In the January, 2004 column; we looked at a nice Rossilimo Sicilian. This  gameDzhmaev - Chernyshov;  is a nice compliment and study partner for this opening. (The same game - in a js-replayable format.)  

  2. The supplementary game  for  May, 2004.  [GM Loek Van Wely (2617) - GM Jan Timman (2578); Cogas Energie Match, 2004.)  
    This game is a Nimzo-Indian, [E32]; the Classical System. (4.Qc2.)  

  3. The supplementary game  for  June, 2004.  [GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (2657) - FM Lorenz M. Drabke (2453); [A29] / 5th IECC, (Individual {men's} European Chess Championships) / Antalya, TUR; (Round # 1), 15.05.2004]  (This is an English Opening, [A29]; White wins a very nice game.)  

  4. The first supplementary game  for  July, 2004.  [GM V. Bologan (2665) - IM Mark Paragua (2529);  [E17] / FIDE WCh KO / Tripoli, LBA / (Rd. # 1.2); 20,06,2004.]  
    This is a "Queen's Indian Defense," where White plays a fianchetto on the K-side, White wins a smashing game. 

  5. The second supplementary game  for  July, 2004.  [GM Ildar Ibragimov (2556) - GM Jaan Ehlvest (2596); [D12] / National Open / Las Vegas, NV / USA, (Rd # 5); 20,06,2004.]  
    Black wins a sharp game in a somewhat unusual opening system. (Double QP, QGD, Black plays an early  ...Bf5!?)  

  6. The supplementary game  for  August, 2004.  [GM S. Rublevsky (2686) - GM V. Bologan (2663); [B06] / 5th-8th Tourn. / Dortmund, GER / (Rd. #4); 30,07,2004.]  A nice job of analysis - the page is also pretty nifty, too!  

  7. The supplementary game  for  September, 2004.  [GM Emil Sutovsky (2679) - GM Abhijit Kunte (2532); [B43] / ICT / Pune, IND; (R2) / 04,09,2004.]  

  8. The  supplementary/bonus game  for  October, 2004.  [GM Joel Lautier (2672) - GM Anatoli Vaisser (2576); / [D37] / The National Championship Tournament of France / Chartres, FRA (Round #2) / 16,08,2005.]  

  9. The supplementary game  for  December, 2004.  [Loek Van Wely (2679) - Valerij Popov (2588); [D43] / ICT / {annual} Aeroflot Open / Moscow, RUS; (2), 16,02,2005.]  

  10. The  supplementary game  for  January, 2005(Which was: GM Viswanathan Anand (2781) - GM Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (2687) [C41] / Bundesliga 2004-2005 / Porz, GER; (Round # 6) / 12,12,2004.)  [Basically, this game is the same one that I looked at for this month, I just thought you would enjoy taking a look at a slightly different perspective of the same game.]  

  11.  September 13th, 2005:   In going over the 'candidate games' for this month, I noticed there was one game in there that I decided that I simply had to add to this website.  Supplemental Game.  This is not really a game that "goes with" anything here, I have not done any B85 games. However, it would make a nice addition and study partner to the game for  April, 2005[The contest is: GM Alexander Khalifman (2653) - GM Ernesto Inarkiev (2618); / [B85] / 58th ch-RUS (Semi-Final) / Kazan, RUS; (7) / 09,09,2005.]  

    This is an excellent game, so please ... check it out!! 

  12.  January 23rd, 2006:   I saw a game in the Center-Counter Opening. It was from "CORUS / Wijk aan Zee," (2006) and I knew that I had to have it for this website. (Its posted as a "Supplemental Game" for my June, 2004 column.)  

      It is the contest:  GM V. Topalov (2801) - GM G. Kamsky (2686);  ICT /  Corus "A"  / Wijk aan Zee, NED;   
       (Round #01)  /  14,01,2006.
        (Check it out!!)  

  13.  Wednesday; June 7th, 2006:    I saw this game shortly after it was played, a friend called me and told me 
     that I HAD to download the PGN file and look at it. (He also suggested that I place it on my website ...) 

    It is the AMAZING struggle:  GM Veselin Topalov (2804) - GM Gata Kamsky (2671) ICT, 2nd M-Tel Masters
    (Round # 5) / Sofia, Bulgaria; (BUL) / 11,05,2006.  The opening is a Semi-Slav, ECO code is [D15]. 

    A really tough game ... and one that may help to define this whole opening system ... for years to come!  

  14. A fair game, but a highly rated one. Definitely part of the Breyer System of the Ruy Lopez, which is definitely the opening system that the August, 2004 column focuses on.  
    GM V. Topalov (2813) - GM S. Mamedyarov (2728); / 10th Essent Hoogeveen NED (4), 26.10.2006. 
    A good complement to the game given for August, 2004. (The ECO code is [C95] for this Ruy Lopez system.) 

  15. This is a cool little game ... and an interesting variation against the Semi-Slav.  
    Y. Shulman (2602) - A. Shabalov (2604); [D15] / 107th U.S. Open / Chicago, IL (R8) / 05,08,2006.  
    The game began:  1.d4 d5;  2.c4 c6;  3.Nf3 Nf6;  4.Nc3 a6!?;  and now White played 5.a4!?  
    Its a topical line, and a nice demonstration of GM Yuri Shulman's skill as a player, so  check it out,  won't you?  

  16. This is not on this website, but it is a nicely annotated game
    GM L. Aronian (2759) - GM M. Carlsen (2693); / [E14] / WCh Candidates s/f / Elista, RUS;  (R#04) / 31,05,2007.  
    (There are lots of good links ... and you can download an annotated version of this game for free.)   

  17. Next?  



  This page was created in late 2005. It was last updated or edited on 03/18/2015 .  

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