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Game of the Month

   A.J.'s pick of the best game for that month.   

I now have a "Game of The Month" feature. This will be ONLY available here, on {or from}  this web page. I am going to LIGHTLY (ha!) analyze a recent GM Game. The emphasis will be on a game that was played recently, and at least ONE of the participants will have to have been a recognized FIDE GM.  "TWIC"  will probably be the source for this venture. 

 March 18th, 2004.    From now on, I will only list the current game, and the game from the previous month. But don't worry!  I almost never throw stuff away. I have created an  "Game Of the Month," ARCHIVES  Page.  On that page I will store all the 'old' games. (& links)  

   December, 2004:     I have decided to greatly reduce this feature.  [Read why.]  

   June, 2009:    ALL Geo-Cities sites will be discontinued ... probably around the end of the summer. Therefore, my GOTM site has moved.  

   Games for 2011  

  •   - Game # 43  (October, 2011)    First of all - its about time!!! After a nearly 4-6 year period when I was unable to work on this feature, (due to the many problems in my personal life); I finally have returned to my "Game of The Month" feature.

    This month's game - in a departure from normal tradition - was not even picked by me. (Another user from the CG website - chose this one.) In my opinion, its a very brilliant game by a young GM ... who could someday be playing for the World Championships. (Maxim Rodshtein) It really is a fantastic game, and you should definitely check this one out! Thorough annotations, many links, and even a quick look at the theory of the Grunfeld Defense! [D74] 

  •   -   Game # 44    (November, 2011)     This is a monster game between two "Top Ten" GM's ... from a recent "Super-GM" event. (Black wins.) 

  •   -   Game # 45    (December, 2011)      A brilliant game, Black wins on the Black side of a King's Indian. 

  Games for 2012,   Games for 2015   

If you have seen an interesting game, that has been played recently, please bring it to my attention. Remember, I have to be able to verify this game in TWIC or ChessBase   BEFORE   I will even consider trying to annotate it!! (Page created August, 2003.) 

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