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More Short games

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This is a page, (The fourth one in the series on these type of games.); to continue my collection of "Short Games" or {chess} Miniatures. (Games that were played in 25 moves or less.) My old page was about full, (I will no longer be adding games to this page. Instead, all new miniatures will go here.}; so I wanted to start a new page to bring you more games ... more fantastic miniatures. 

I also know that new games are being played all the time. So the old page is closed, but the new one is open for business!  

The old requirements still holds true, however. Before I will even consider publishing a game here, I will have to be able to confirm it. This means it had to appear in a book, or at least in TWIC. 

If you know of a great game  ...  that I might have missed  ...  please send it to me.  

I have now added a  page  with the game scores of interesting short games. (No analysis.)  

Tuesday / September 8th, 2009:  A new page ... that will contain lightly annotated miniatures. 

I do tons of work that never gets noticed ... for example, I have analyzed dozens of games on another website. For one example, see the analysis by "LIFE Master AJ" in the notes of this game

Once in a while, you play a game that makes you smile, the following contest is a case in point. 
(There is no sense in analyzing it, the TL was too short, it was "Game in one minute," {bullet} with NO time delay or increment.) 

Kubai Kan (1739) - A.J. Goldsby I (xxxx) [C20]  
Rated on-line game, "Play-Chess" server / Main Playing Hall / May 17th, 2010. 

1.e4 e5; 2.d3 Nc6; 3.f4 d6; 4.fxe5 dxe5; 5.Be3 Bb4+; 6.Bd2 Bc5; 7.Qe2 h6; 8.Nf3 Bg4; 9.h3 Nd4; 10.Qd1 Bxf3; 11.gxf3 Qh4#.   0-1  

  Short Games, List # 2.  
  (Click here to see my first page listing these type of games.)  

# 1.)  As I write these words, the 2006 CORUS Masters tournament was recently held in Wijk ann Zee. (NED) Young  Magnus Carlsen  continued his impressive run ... and nearly ran away with the "B" group. In the end, he was overtaken by a more experienced player. Nonetheless, it was still a stellar performance for a fifteen-year old! 

HERE  is his impressive 20-move crush of a world class GM, Alexander Beliavsky.  (Feb. 03) 

# 2.)  In his prime,  GM Alexander Beliavsky  was one of the world's best players ... 
easily in the "Top Five" in the world. He has also won LOTS of strong chess tournaments!  

In 1981, he won a powerful tournament, you will recognize every name of the players who participated in this event. (A true  ...  "Galaxy of Stars.")  (Posted: February 06, 2006.)  

Beliavsky finished in clear first, and along the way, he  crushed  GM B. Larsen in a game that just might take your breath away, some of the moves ... well, I won't spoil the surprise. Check it out!  

# 3.)  GM Alexey Dreev has long been one of the world's best players. He is creative, energetic, works hard at the board ... and often is not afraid to "get down and dirty" during a chess game. 

Here he  squashes   GM Andrey Shariyazdanov  in a wonderful short game, it was not easy to try and spot the losing move. A lot of analysis, time and effort went into this little creation of mine, so please ... check it out? (Thanks!)  (From the recent Aeroflot Open, in Moscow, Russia.)  (Posted - here - on: February 24th, 2006.)  

# 4.)  Here is a little known game, as of today, this contest is  NOT  in most on-line databases! 

Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovsky  wipes out  Boris F. Baranov.  The final sequence is stunning and a real lesson in the power of a double check. This is a nicely annotated game, the final combination makes it a nice  addition  to my little collection of miniatures. (Posted: May 11th, 2006.)  

# 5.)  GM Gata Kamsky  retired from chess in 1990's. (His father made him quit so that he could go to medical school.)  But now, chess fans everywhere are happy to see him return to the game. 

GM Peter Svidler  ...  has won the modern championship of Russia more than anyone else. (period) Recently, he has finally begun to assume his rightful place as one of the top GM's in the world. (However, here he comes a cropper versus the "Tartar-turned-American.") 

In this contest, Kamsky skins poor Peter. So how did he do it? If you are curious, you must  visit  my web page ... and see for yourself.  (Posted: Monday; May 29, 2006.)  

# 5.)  GM Levon Aronian  pole-axes GM Ivan Sokolov from the Black side of a Nimzo-Indian Defense. In a witty - and almost cruel manner - White is dispatched in record time. 

In fact, what Aronian does is so ugly ... well kids read my pages, so I cannot get too graphic here! 

I also included a fair number of nice links and other stuff, so you should  check this one out.  

 (Posted: Wednesday; June 15, 2006.)  

# 6.)  GM F. Nijboer  is a solid player ... and I know this from personal, first-hand experience.  In this contest,  he plays a blistering game, defeating  GM Ivan Sokolov  in an attractive miniature. Take a look, and be sure to get back with me ... on your thoughts. I promise you, all feedback is welcomed. So, drop me a line, OK? 

 (Posted: Monday; July 31st, 2006.)  

# 7.)  It seems I have always been a fan of  GM Victor Korchnoi,  and he has played LITERALLY thousands and thousands of chess games. Some of them are short, and some of them are quite lengthy. 

 In this effort,   you get to see him crush a young GM Anatoly Karpov in only 19 moves, so check it out! 

 (Posted: Tuesday; August 01st, 2006.)  

# 8.)  Sometimes one game gets a lot of attention, often times, (to me); there is no real rhyme or reason for why this might be so. (Its not the highest-rated game, it may not eve be the prettiest one.) However, I got at least half a dozen e-mails, all of them expressing interest in this one particular encounter!  

Seemingly everyone is familiar with the beginner's check-mate: 1.e4, g5!?; 2.d4, f5???; 3.Qh5# mate. (Sometimes called by the harsh name, "The Fool's Mate.") The weakness  ...  for Black, in many different openings  ...  of the e8-h5 diagonal is very well known, you would think that no titled player today would ever be involved with such nonsense. Yet, that is exactly what happens in this game! 

In this game, GM D. Gormally, (vs. IM S. Williams); plays the very unusual opening, 1.d4, f5; 2.Bg5!? The result was an extremely unusual Dutch, one that almost defies description. 

You really must   take a look   at this one.  (Posted: Thursday; September 21st, 2006.)  

# 9.)  Usually, it is tactics that decide a quick game, here is one that is mostly a pure positional crush. One of the world's top players knocks out a 2600+ player ... with the BLACK pieces!!  

This one is not what you think ... you will have to get into your time machine for this one. 

However, it is a fully annotated chess game, so you will want to   have a gander  
(Posted: Thursday; October 12th, 2006.)  

# 10.)  I saw this game the other day on the popular "Chess Games" website

Aleksander Sznapik (2480) - Davor Komljenovic (2512); [B75] / Biel, SUI; 1987.  

Its an absolutely beautiful win, and features some nice tactics ... that are typical of this whole variation. In the end, I knew I was going to have to try and annotate this one. (I did not want to make it the kind of effort, where it took me weeks - or even months - to complete it. But at the same time, I knew I wasn't able to crank it out in thirty minutes ... at least, I could not do this and maintain the same level of quality as most of the other efforts on this page.) 

Its a theoretically interesting contest - all Dragon players will want to  study this one 

I wanted to get it done the same day that I saw the game, but that turned out to be a little difficult ... all things considered here. (Posted: Monday; August 13th, 2007.)  

# 11.)  I saw this game shortly after it was first played. I meant to annotate it, but somehow I never did. 

Judit Polgar - S. Mamedyarov; The FIDE World Team Championships ... commonly better known as "The (men's) Olympiad."  Bled, Slovenia; 2002.   
Without question, this is one of the prettier games that Judit has ever played, even if you are not a Polgar fan, you  MUST  check this one out  
(Posted: Friday; November 23rd, 2007.)  

# 12.)  Some of the most interesting games of the year are played in the Bulgarian (Super-GM) tournament in Sofia every year. (M-Tel, 2009.)

This year when Shirov knocked out Ivanchuk in 24 moves, I knew that I had to eventually get around to annotating this game, and I finally did. 

If you are curious, then you can   have a peek at this one  (Posted: Wednesday; July 22nd, 2007.)  

# 13.)  GM Peter Wells  defeats  GM Alexei Shirov  at the  Gibraltar Masters  in  2006  in only 13 moves!!!  

Now this game is on this website - thoroughly annotated ... with many diagrams, and a link to a re-playable page as well! 
 (Go to that page - now.)  (Posted: Monday; November 7th, 2011.)  

# 14.)  GM V. Kramnik destroys GM A. Beliavsky in only 18 moves!!!! (Belgrade, 1995.)  
This game is DEEPLY annotated, plus there is a link to the CG website, so you can replay the whole game - right there on your computer, you don't even need a chess-board. This is a game that I began examining several years ago, but never finished it. Now its complete, and you can see it for yourself.  

 (View this page - on this outstanding miniature.)  (Posted:  Saturday; January 7th, 2012.)  

# 15.)  As soon as this game was played, I knew that I had to annotate it. Now - after nearly three weeks of hard work - it is finally ready. I have made a full analysis of game eight of the 2012 Anand-Gelfand World Championship Match, there are dozens of links and about 20 diagrams.  

    (See that page, now.)      (Posted: Saturday; June 9th, 2012.)  

# 16.)  Monday; June 18th, 2012:  Back in February, the CG website featured an interesting game {Shamkovich vs. Lebredo, 1978} as the "P.O.T.D." (Problem of The Day.) I started on doing an analysis on this contest almost right away, but many problems - including several computer crashes - prevented me from finishing my self-appointed task in a timely manner. Even though I temporarily might have forgotten about this clash, eventually I was to return to finish the job. After many months of work - and also many interruptions - I have finally completed my work, I have both a web page AND a video now on this epic short game of chess. 

    (See that page, now.)   (Posted: Monday; June 18th, 2012.)   

# 17.)  Tuesday; November 20th, 2012:  The featured "Problem of The Day" (POTD) was an interesting little miniature between Fuderer and Donner ... that was played in 1952. I started on the game right away, but there have been a lot of distractions recently. (Multiple trips to the ER, one of my daughters had an infected, in-grown toenail ... it eventually had to be cut away from the cuticle, this past Wednesday.) Anyway, I went ahead and finished this game. It would have been nice to post it the same day ... or possibly the day after; however, this simply wasn't possible this time around.)  

   (See that page, now.)   (Posted: Friday; November 30th, 2012.)   

 # 18.)  Wednesday; April 10th, 2013:  The CG/POTD for Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 was very interesting. It was the game between GM V. Tseshkovsky and GM V. Inkiov from the Tchigorin Memorial Tournament for 1983. It was a sharp game - it only lasted 24 moves. It was also an extremely interesting game, and I have had an interest in this particular opening for some time. So I decided to turn it into a web page. 

   (See that page, now.)   (Page first posted: Monday, April 8th, 2013.)   

# 19.)  Thursday; February 13th, 2014:  This is a game that I first saw as a teenager in a book or magazine, I fell in love with it immediately. Most of the time, when you analyze these older games, it becomes obvious that the winner did not find the best line, the computer nearly always finds improvements. But - here - this is not the case! Without doubt, it is one of the finest and most artfully played miniatures that I have ever examined. 

I am talking about the game:  Akiba Rubinstein - Moishe Hirschbein; [D64] / Lodz, Poland; 1927.  

   (See that page, now.)   (Page first posted: Wednesday; February 12th, 2014.)   

# 20.)   Sunday; February 23rd, 2014.  I saw this game - in a book or a magazine - many years ago. It was featured one day (in this month) as the POTD on the CG website. I was so enamored and impressed by this 14-mover, that I decided to go ahead and do a web page on it. 

   (See that page, now.)   (Page first posted: Sunday; February 23rd, 2014.)   

The following is NOT a valid miniature ... it actually lasted a few moves beyond move 25. However, White could have easily resigned around move 20 or so ... the game is so much fun and the analysis is so intriguing, that I could not resist at least posting a link to it, here!  

GM Ljubomir Ljubojevic (2615) - GM Sergey Makarichev (2440) / [C42] / IBM GM Tournament / Amsterdam, NED / (R#3) / 1975.

   (See that page, now.)   (Page first posted: Friday; April 18th, 2014.)   


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